13 and a half stone lighter


New year, New me. Many people start the New Year with the same resolution, to lose weight. If you are looking for inspiration to shed those pounds and stick to your diet regime, here it is. Megan Aldous reports.

Mum of four Sarah Warner, managed to lose an incredible 13-and-a-half stone in just two years.

Sarah is an employee at her local fish and chip shop, a place many would find too tempting to work at whilst trying to diet. But that didn’t get in the way of Sarah’s determination to lose weight. For eight solid months the 36-year-old lived off porridge, chicken and baked potatoes.

“I managed to lose the weight through diet and exercise. I pretty much ate the same thing every day for about eight months, which was really boring but worked for me. “Mrs Warner explained.


Sarah wearing her old jeans

Sarah’s diet began when she tipped the scales just over 24 stone. Husband, Gerry Warner suffers from diabetes so losing weight seemed the best thing to do for both of them.

The pair and other family members would have weekly weigh-ins, to see who had lost the most that week.

As the pounds started to drop Sarah knew she would be left with excess skin, so booked an appointment at the doctors to see what could be done.

Sarah explains:

“Doctors told me I had to maintain my weight loss for two years before they would consider helping me with surgery.”

So Sarah did exactly that, every three months she would go to the doctors and have her weigh-in.

Sarah reveals: “When I reached the two years the doctors applied for special funding for my tummy tuck.”

The life changing operation happened in October and took three-and-a-half hours.

Sarah's scar after her operation

Sarah’s scar after her operation

Sarah was hospitalised for five days, and has a scar which travels from one hip to the next. The skin removed weighed a remarkable 11lbs, which took Sarah’s total weight loss to 13-and-a-half stone.

Happy mother of four talks about her tummy tuck:

“Before the tummy tuck I still felt fat because of all the excess skin, but now it feels great to be able to wear clothes that fit properly.”

The super-slimmer is continuing to eat the same as she has been, however she has weekends off where she treats herself to a Chinese or a piece of cake.

If you are thinking about losing weight, it is important that you do so safely. James Colchester, an adult weight management practitioner, has this advice.

He said: “To lose weight safely I and the NHS only recommend losing one-two pounds a week maximum. Start by making subtle changes to your meals and have a varied diet. When planning your meals try and use the eatwell plate, this will help you get the balance right.”plate

James continues: “Make sure you have three regular meals a day, and don’t get stuck into the habit of just living off one particular food. If all you eat is lettuce, you aren’t going to lose weight. It is important to remember that not everyone is the same, so what helps one person lose weight won’t necessarily work on another.”

James works for live well Suffolk, an organisation put together to help people become healthier and stay motivated to lose the weight needed.

Live Well Suffolk is a free organisation that holds 12 week courses at local venues to help you. A typical session would consist of a weekly weigh in, followed by a 45 minute nutrition lesson, which teaches you all about food labels and what actually goes into your food. Depending on the venue there will  also be 30 minutes of circuit training, dancing or aerobics.

For more details on Live Well Suffolk or to find out more about their next session email James Colchester Adult Weight Management Practitioner at James.colchester@livewellsuffolk.org.uk.


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