Teacher assistant jailed for sexually grooming a student


A former teacher-assistant from Walmer Science College, has been jailed for sexually grooming a student he taught.

Mark Levett, 52,  who had been described as “educated” and “sophisticated”, sexually groomed a child he taught for two years.

In December 2012 Levett formed an inappropriate relationship, with a troubled 14-year-old male who attended the school.The 52-year-old sent the student messages, calling him handsome, baby and telling him he loved him.

Canterbury Crown Court heard some of the texts, which the ex civil servant had sent to the child.

““Nice coffee in the sun by the water… day dreaming of you and your socks just now actually ;0) ccccccxc”. And: “Indeed..and now it’s lunch and I’m still thinking of you… Must be love ;O)”

Police discovered when investigating Levett’s hard drive, that the defendant has a foot fetish. When asked by barrister Andrew Jefferies if he had a sexual interest in feet, Levett replied “that’s correct.”

However Levett denied a charge of grooming the teenager for sex.

“I have a sexual interest in feet… but I had no interest in engaging in sexual activity with him.” Levett told the Crown Court.

The relationship started when the child was 14 and continued until he was 16. Canterbury Crown Court sentenced him to two years in prison.


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