New student night sells out

By Megan Aldous


Canterbury’s newest student night out Subliminal, a night dedicated to house music has sold out in just its second week.

Business and Marketing Student, Lisandri Shpendi and Accounts and Finance Student Reece Penny own events company Echo and created Subliminal.


Lisandri Shpendi and Reece Penny

This is Lisandri Shpendi, Director of Echo, second Events Company and he is very happy with the success it has had so far.

“The rate we are growing is quite scary for me, especially compared to my last events company, I’ve never seen growth this quick in my life.” Lisandri said.

Subliminal is hosted once a month at The Loft, the night consists of guest DJ’s playing a set for the crowds to dance to. DJ Lindsey Matthews, headliner of Subliminal said: “I thought the night was full of energy and good vibes. The crowd was amazing and everyone made me feel so welcome. It was a sick little venue and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had some lovely comments and feedback, which was overwhelming. I was well looked after and would recommend subliminal to anyone. Amazing all around event and venue would love to play there again anytime.”

subliminal x lm.jpg

The boys are filled with ideas for the future, they aim to make Subliminal a weekly event and put on other nights with different genres of music.

However Mr Shpendi, 21, wishes more people realised just how much time and effort goes into creating events. He said:

“Events management students get a lot of stick, people not considering it to be a ‘proper’ course but if people actually saw the amount of effort that goes into creating an event I think they would appreciate it more. You have completely sleepless nights where you’ve been working so hard.  People think that people organising events might slap up a few tweets, a few statuses on Facebook and that’s it. No, there’s loads of work that goes into it and it consumes so much time.”

Echo have recently announced they are going to be working with City Sound Project this year, tickets for The City Sound Project Festival are available now. For more info on Echo and future events check out the Facebook page here.

All Images used were given to me by Lisandri Shpendi

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