6 things you should know before becoming a Cam Girl

people-woman-girl-writing.jpgA Cam Girl is a woman who makes money by completing tasks online for strangers, the tasks can consist of stripping, recording themselves in the bath, selling used underwear or just getting drunk. It is an easy way to make quick money, which doesn’t have to take up much time. If you are considering being a Cam Girl you’ll want to be a successful one, here are six things Kent Cam Girl “Goddess Luna” wants you to know before joining.

  1. Don’t use your real name. Come up with a cute quirky name to protect your identity. For example the Cam Girls I have spoke to are called “Goddess Lunar” and “Lily Rose”.question-mark-1019820_960_7202. Don’t say where you are from. Once again to protect your identity.




3. Don’t sell out too easy. You might think by setting your prices low you will make more money but it doesn’t always work out like that.



4. Create a schedule. In order to get regular viewers you need to be on at the same time on the same days, so people know when to expect you. You will get more popular that way.



5. Make sure you are somewhere that has good lighting.



6. Buy a good quality webcam. No one wants to watch something blurry or out of focus.



All pictures used are copyright free and can be found here

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