Cam-girls: Is it degrading or empowering?


Long gone are the days of just working in a shop to get some extra cash. Entering 2016, jobs like Cam-girls are becoming more normal. But is it as bad as it sounds? This is a topic which has sparked a debate between feminists. Megan Aldous investigates.

If I were to say the word ‘Cam-girl’ to you, what would you imagine? Would you see a respectful woman simply making money, or would you see a woman with no morals objectifying herself. It is a topic which many have a strong opinion on.

Liz Nice, Feminist and Managing Editor of Archant, had this to say about Cam-Girls.

Kent Cam-girl Lily Rose, is used to people passing judgement about her making money this way. She has been a Cam-girl for two years and has no plans to stop. Lily Rose is a Cam-girl part-time and enjoys what she does. I asked her why she thinks people react to her job the way Liz did.

However not all feminists have a negative view on Cam-Girls, Kent feminist Summer Regan shares her thoughts.


Kent Feminist, Summer Regan


Whether you are for or against the idea of Cam-girls there is no denying that it is a quick and easy way to make money, decent money too. One of the most popular Cam-girls “Littleredbunny” makes $4.99 a minute, equivalent to £3.51.

For more information on Cam-girls, and what they do to make money check-out my previous post here.





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