Explainer: What is a Cam-girl and what do they do?



Cam-girls. You say the word and you are almost certain to get an opinion or reaction out of someone. But is it as bad as it sounds? Or maybe you have no idea what I am talking about. This article explains all.

What is a Cam-girl?

A Cam-girl is a woman who works as a model for an online cam site. The model makes money on the site, by completing tasks in front of their webcam for strangers. The tasks can be anything the viewer desires, from asking the model to strip naked, to just asking to watch them get drunk. Any female can be a Cam-girl as long as they are over the age of 18.

How does it work?

Cam-girls have their own chat room which anybody can join. In the chat room the Cam-girl will be on-screen on the left, and on the right there will be a feed of conversation. The conversation will be from the viewers, asking the Cam-girl things or tipping her to complete tasks.


Here is an inactive chat room, so you can see how it works

The term ‘tipping’ is thrown around a lot, it simply means paying the model to complete a task. To tip a model you will need to purchase tokens from the site, one token costs 3p. Most Cam-girls will have a list of things she is up for doing during the show, and how many tokens they would like before they do it. The site the Cam-girls work for receives 20% of whatever they make during the show.

Tokens and prices

Each Cam-girl will have different prices for tasks, this normally depends on their ranking on the site. On the site you have what is called ‘high-ranking’ models, these are the most popular models and make the most money.  Because they are so popular they will demand the highest amount of tokens for tasks, because they know their ‘fans’ will pay it. The high-ranking models work on the site full-time, whereas the Kent Cam-girls I interviewed Goddess Luna and Lily Rose do it part-time. You can work whatever hours you like, but the high ranking girls tend to do it from the moment they wake up to the minute they go to sleep.

As Goddess Luna and Lily Rose aren’t high ranking Cam-girls, their pricing for tasks are the average price. Here is what the girls normally get asked to do and how much they charge.

  • To show her boobs: 60 tokens
  • To spank herself with spanking pad: 80 tokens
  • To take a pure vodka shot: 88 tokens
  • To find out her Snapchat 174 tokens
  • To receive a personal video: 222 tokens
  • To get naked 700 tokens.

Why do girls do this instead of a ‘normal’ job?

Cam-girl Lily Rose reveals all, for this piece she has asked for her identity to be protected.

After reading this would you consider being a Cam-girl or do similar work? Take my poll so I can see your answers.


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