Live blog: I watch Kent Cam-girl Goddess Luna put on a show

By Megan Aldous


In order to understand what it is like to be a Cam-girl I watch Goddess Luna, a student from Kent, put on a show.

In case you are not sure how this money-making industry works, here are the basics. Cam-girls have their own chat room which anybody can join. In the chat room the cam-girl will be on screen on the left, and on the right there will be a feed of conversation. The conversation will be from the viewers, asking the cam girl things or tipping her to complete tasks. Most Cam-girls will have a list of things she is up for doing during the show and how many tokens they would like before they do it. The viewers purchase tokens from the site, one token costs 3p. The site the Cam-girls work for receive 20% of everything they own. 

8:30 Starts show by saying hello to all watching, she sends out in the chat what she is prepared to do this show and how much tokens she would like for them.

To show her boobs: 60 tokens,  to spank herself with spanking pad: 80 tokens, to take a pure vodka shot: 88 tokens, to receive a personal video: 222 tokens, to find out her snapchat 174 tokens and to get naked 700 tokens.

Luna sits facing the camera in pretty purple lingerie, just her torso and head in shot.  


Picture taken from Creative Commons

8:32 Luna tells everyone what she has been up to, what essays she is doing and how she really wants to get drunk with her viewers and hang out with them. She talks whilst lighting a cigarette.

8.34 Viewer “Mickey” tips 222 tokens because he wants a video, luna thanks him for tipping and sends the video privately. It it not discussed what is in the video.

8:35 Luna stands up and gets closer to the camera and dances clearly showing her belly. She then moves down to show off her underwear and says where she got them from.

8:36 Luna puts her boobs, still in lingerie, close to the camera and starts to tease the viewers pulling the lingerie lower and playing with her boobs.

8:38 Luna talks about one day wanting to become famous one viewer asks “would you still have time to ride my face?” Luna responds “I might be able to pencil you in.”

8:43 Luna stands up and gets close to the camera and asks her viewers if they want to see her drunk, trying to encourage them to pay her tokens to do a shot. The viewers then start talking about other times she has been drunk on cam and what has happened, this shows that the people watching are regulars. Luna seems to know them well and they chat just like friends.


Photo taken from Creative Commons

8:44 “That’s another perk of my job, you can get wasted.” Luna says. The viewers make plans to get drunk with Luna, asking her to come online on their birthdays. Luna promises to.

8:45 Luna begins to dance, standing up to display her body again and reveals more boob to tease the viewers with.

8:46 Luna welcomes the new people that have joined her chat-room, people can join and leave as they please.

8:47 Luna starts dancing again.

8:48 Luna is tipped 88 tokens by a viewer, to make her takes a pure vodka shot. Luna does the shot.

8:51 Luna then talks about being spanked to encourage viewers to tip her tokens, she then shows the viewers how she spanks herself. The viewers talk about other times where they’ve seen Luna be spanked or spank herself. Luna is playing with her boobs while the conversation is going on.

8:52 Luna gets tipped to spank herself. Luna shows her bum to the camera for the first time this show, and spanks herself hard with a spanking pad.


Picture taken from Creative Commons

8:53 Luna sexily dances in front of the camera, and gets tipped to spank herself again. The viewers express how much they like her bum. One viewer says how  he cant decide what is better  her boobs or her bum.

8:54 Luna bends over again showing her bum to the camera, red from the spank before and spanks again just as hard. As Luna turns I notice one bum cheek is really badly bruised, guessing from spanks on a previous night.

8:55 Luna is tipped to spank again, she does it and then rolls a cigarette. Luna is then tipped to spank again, she does it each spank sounding and looking more painful.

8:56 Luna is tipped to spank herself , she does it sexually moaning a little this time. She then gets up and dances sexily in front of the camera,  showing no evidence of being in pain and lights her cigarette.

8:57 Luna halves some of her token prices, and sends out a reminder of what tasks she will do and for how much.

Spanks is now 40 tokens instead of 80, showing her boobs is now 30 tokens instead of 60. The rest remain the same. Luna sends out a Snapchat to tease the other viewers who haven’t paid for it it yet.

8:58 Luna tries to encourage viewers to tip so she takes her top off she says “Can’t believe I’ve been online for half an hour and I’m still covered up..”

8:59 Luna smokes

9:01 Luna lights another cigarette, whilst having casual conversation to everyone watching.


9:04 Luna is tipped 176 tokens so she takes her lingerie top off. Luna strips and begins to dance in front of the camera fully displaying her boobs, but keeping her thong on.

9:05 Luna is sitting in front of the camera topless, talking like before whilst pouring herself  shot.

9:06 Luna welcomes the new people which have joined her chat room, she has 22 watching at the moment. And drinks two shots.

9:07 The cam-girl moves so the camera is just on her boobs, a very close up shot. She then begins to shake them in the camera. A viewer compliments her on the shaking.

9:08 Luna checks her phone, and then plays with her boobs this time massaging them for the camera. She then gives them a squeeze and starts to discuss music and Spotify with her viewers.

9:10  Luna dances in the camera, whilst pushing her boobs together and continuing to play with them. Luna starts dancing more sexually, whilst pouting and touching her boobs in a seductive manner.

9:12 A fast song comes on, so Luna begins to dance fast shaking her boobs even more than before. She gets complimented again.

9:14 Luna gets tipped 10 tokens to change the song.

9:15 She dances and mimes the song, and plays with her boobs. Luna then gets tipped 1966 tokens, roughly £70, and begins to cry of happiness due to what a big tip this is. The tipper says it’s because he wants other people to become as hooked on Goddess Luna as he is. This big tip results on Luna removing her bottoms, making her fully nude.

9:18 Happy, excited dancing and removes her thong.

9:19 Luna shows her vagina briefly, and begins to dance fully naked thrusting slightly.

9:20 The viewers try to convince Luna to sing barbie girl, Luna giggles lots and refuses she is sitting back on her bed.

9:22 Luna rolls another cigarette, and sings Green Day

9:23 Luna gets up again and dances, revealing her vagina and bum. Fully shows the viewers her bum and the bruises she has gained due to spanking herself.

9:24 Luna watches a Snap-chat a viewer sent her and does three more pure vodka shots.

16360612956_9f650a0657_o (1)

Picture taken from Creative Commons

9:25 Viewers want her to rap a Eminem song, Luna laughs it off but refuses and seems embarrassed by the suggestion.

9:29 After some persuasion Luna prepares to rap Eminem.

9:30 Luna picks “The Real Slim Shady” and raps the first line.

9:31 Luna stands up and begins to get into the song by dancing to it, rapping it and playing with her boobs. Luna blushes occasionally whilst rapping.

9:33 Stops rapping and goes on her phone, whilst touching her body seductively.

9:34 Dances and shakes her boobs. Luna lowers her spank prices again to only 5 tokens.

9:35 Gets tipped 50 tokens, Luna spanks herself 5 times and moans.

9:36 Luna prepares herself for the 5 remaining spanks, and does them.

9:37 Sits back on her bed and plays with her boobs again. She picks up the spanking pad and pretends it is a microphone and sings into it whilst dancing.

9:38 Luna is tipped another 5 token to spank herself

9:39: Luna bends over her bed, fully displaying her bottom to the camera and spanks her bruised bottom hard.

9:40 Luna does another pure vodka shot

9:41 Luna is tipped 5 tokens, and then another 88 to do a shot.

9:42 Dances, moves back so all of her naked body is in shot.

9:43 Massages her nipples whilst dancing and miming a song

9:44 Luna gets tipped 65 tokens for spanks

9:45 Luna spanks herself another 13 times..

9:53 Luna takes another shot and puts her boobs into the camera

9:55 Luna tells viewers it is the end of her show, thanks them and says goodbye.

10:00 Luna is offline. Luna had a successful night making £116


All pictures are copy right free and can be found here.























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