Opinion piece: Cam-girls


After interviewing two Kent Cam-girls and learning about what they do for money. My eyes have been opened to this industry. 

As a student myself I understand completely how tight money can be. You need more money but all your spare time is put into your studies.  Typical student jobs like retail work or bar work can be quite demanding, and hard to fit in with all your university deadlines.With these jobs you have a set amount of hours you HAVE to work, and will be expected to do additional if someone gets ill and needs cover.  If only there was a job where I could pick my own hours and not have so many expectations. Wait.. There is? And that is what leads you to be a Cam-girl as Lily Rose explains.

During my live blog with Cam-girl Goddess Luna she made £116 in just a hour-and-a-half. If you worked an hour-and-a-half in a ‘normal’ student job, you would be very lucky to make £10 in that time. During that time you would be rushed of your feet, waiting on the public that look down on you for doing this job, being spoken to like shit when something doesn’t go their way. Kent Cam-girl Goddess Luna got to sit comfortably in her own home, dealing with only friendly people online.

Is it worth it though? Is the money worth exposing your body to strangers online and the judgement which comes with being a Cam-girl? Goddess Luna had a difficult time when she first decided to be a Cam-girl.

The most important thing I have learned from speaking to the Cam-girls, and watching them put on a show, is the things they do are nowhere near as bad as I imagined. Before looking into it, when I heard about Cam-girls I looked down on it. I thought it was girls being completely naked the whole show, and masturbating for the whole of the internet to see. But what I discovered was, the way the Cam-girls talk to their viewers is just how you would talk to you friends if you were on Skype. It isn’t just “get your boobs out” it is really casual. The viewers ask her about her day, and they all seem to have built a relationship with her. Luna was asking one guy “if he has had any more trouble with his ex girlfriend” and another viewer if he was looking forward to his birthday. Each regular the Cam-girls have, talk to her offline about normal every-day things.

Of course this isn’t the case for all Cam-girls, but I never imagined there to be a variation. The regulars were more than happy for Luna to sit in front of them in lingerie, revealing none of her body and just having a catch up. She was even paid just to drink alcohol so she enjoyed her show more.

However I can understand why people have the opposing view on Cam-girls. I might be very old fashioned here, but I believe your naked body should only be for someone that you love. But I can respect how much confidence and bravery it takes to do something like that, so I take my hat off to them in that respect.



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