464 dogs have new homes, thanks to Dogs Trust

untitledA well-known East Kent charity has re-homed more than a dog-a-day this year.

Canterbury Dogs Trust, in Radfall Road near Whitstable, has found homes for 464 pooches since January.

Around 40-50 unwanted pets live at the centre, most of them come from pounds where they are put down if not claimed in seven days.

Dogs Trust trainer Rebecca Thomas explains why their work is so important.

She said: “It gives a lot of dogs a second chance that are on the streets, it also reduces unnecessary breeding.

“So many dogs are looking for homes without breeding more who can potentially end up being homeless.”


Could you give Tootsie a new home?

People try to hand dogs in for many reasons, such as they’ve got too big or they don’t get along with other dogs.

Rebecca added: “Sometimes it’s because of pregnancies or they are moving house and are unable to take the dog with them.

“There have been some silly reasons over the years, like the dog chased a butterfly or the dog’s feet smell like cheese.”

But Dogs Trust can’t accept every dog.

Hear Rebecca outline what dogs they take

There are a number of factors to think about when adopting a canine. The charity has an adoption process to make sure the dogs will be happy in their new home.

Watch the video below to find out how the adoption process works.

Christmas is always a worry for the home. Rebecca reveals what Christmas brings for the charity.

She Said: “After Christmas we tend to see an influx of dogs around seven months old being handed in.

“People have probably bought them as a Christmas present, and then as they’ve got bigger they cant handle them.”

Canterbury Dog lover Stacey Baker, is thrilled to hear about the number of dogs that have been re-homed since January.

She said: ‘It is so heart-warming that Dogs Trust can rehome 464 dogs, it makes me happy to think these dogs are in the process of having a better life.”


Dog lover Stacey Baker with her dog Charlie


Check out the advantages of adopting a dog from Dogs Trust click here.


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